My Mother's Sewing Room

My mother could sew, knit, crochet, embroider, paint on rocks and do amazing things with popsicle sticks. When she passed away, I was left with her sewing/craft room. I gave many things to family and friends or donated. I kept a lot of the fabric and couldn't part with many of her unfinished projects. I also kept a few mystery boxes to go through at a future date. Well, it has been four years and now I have to get serious about what stays and what goes, and maybe see what is in those mystery boxes...

Below are just some of my mother's unfinished projects. I know I will finish some of these projects but I have so many of my own. I won't be able to do them all--not to mention, some of them have the uglies. While going through boxes the other day, I just could not understand why my mother did not finish some things. A few are really nice and so close to being finished, then I thought of my own UFO page on my blog. It was at that moment--the moment that every woman suspects, but will not admit-----I am my mother...

These are squares that my mother must have embroidered for a baby quilt. I am not sure when I am going to use these, but I will make a quilt for one of my next grand-babies out of these. Hopefully it will be special for that baby as her grandma made a quilt out of blocks that her great grandma embroidered.

This was a log cabin quilt my mom had started. It is so ugly that I don't feel guilty not finishing it. She had all the fabric, but only one square was actually complete, so there wasn't too much work in it. I am going to donate it to a local quilting guild. They can either finish it up or maybe the fabrics will look better in other combinations.

I have no idea what I am going to do with this. There is another one in a similar style that I gave to my sister. I can't give this away. My mom must have put a lot of time into this. It is so big, I couldn't even lay it out in my living room and there is still an eight inch border that is cut to go on it. It is approximately 76" X 100" without a border. It isn't something I would put on my bed(sorry Mom), but I feel like it needs to be finished. At this point in my life I only hand quilt and even if I did learn to machine quilt, I couldn't do it on my machine. So, back in the closet it goes.

I found these squares and the sashing pieces cut and pinned. Some pieces were even sewn together. It is a very simple quilt. I found a similar one that I gave to my sister. I wondered why my mom would cut out all the pieces for two baby quilts and even have them pinned, yet put them in a box and never finish them. Then I remembered how many times I have done the same. I think I might finish this just to practice machine quilting on. Although I will always be a hand quilter, I would like to know how to machine quilt.