Abandoned Quilt projects

It almost hurts to add this to the abandoned quilt page, but I have to set it aside for a while. I have a baby girl quilt and a kite quilt that have priority.

I will post a better pic of this soon, as it is really pretty. The problem is; it is so purple. It was going to be a bedspread, but that is a lot of purple. I also ran out of one of the fabrics and since I started this quilt about eight years ago, it might be hard to find.

I got carried away with purple again. I guess you could say I was in my purple phase. This has been boxed away so long, I am not sure what I had in mind, but I think it was going to be a rail fence. I just don't know why I put the lighter strip in the middle. Again, it is so purple.

This started out well and I really liked it, but then I had trouble matching some of the points and got frustrated. Back into a box it went and sat for a few years. The picture does not show how pretty the colors are. I plan on finishing it before Christmas this year.

This little Christmas star was just something I did on a rainy day in December. I never should have started it as I really don't have anything to do with it. I already have a Christmas table runner that isn't finished.

I made a quilt with the Winnie the Pooh fabric years ago, but I cut quite a few four inch squares of the Pooh fabric and also the pink polka dot--looks white in the photo. I can't seem to find anything to go with the Pooh fabric that I already have and I don't want to buy anything yet, so this one is not the next one I will finish.

This is embarrassing... This pillow top might have been the beginning of my downward spiral into the depths of procrastination. I started this in Ms. Doty's seventh grade Home Economics class more than 30 year ago. I have no idea why I never made it into a pillow. All the work was done. Do I have to finish it? I don't like it, and what will I do with it? I am glad no one reads this blog.