Monday, January 21, 2013

Today I was looking for something in a box and of course I found another project of mine. I also came across one of my mom's that I knew I had to take out anyway.

At first my mind went completely blank when I saw this, but I think I had a lot of extra fabric from another baby quilt I made many years ago. There is enough here to make at least one more baby quilt--maybe two quilts as I might want to add a third color in the mix. The light color looks white in the picture, but actually has light pink polka dots.

This is a partially finished quilt top that my mom started. Part of it is already sewn and most of it is pinned together. I am not sure why Mom put this away at this point. There are actually two. I am giving my sister the other one. I need to add this to my list of things to finish this year. It will be easy to finish up. I don't really want to hand quilt it though. This might be the perfect project to learn machine quilting on.

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