Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nine Patch Quilt

I cut out these four inch squares last summer for a baby quilt. I decided I would like to make a disappearing nine patch quilt. I have never made one and I have heard they are not hard to make. I changed out one color from the original nine and decided the stripe may not look right either. I went to two different fabric stores, but just couldn't find quite what I wanted. In the end I replaced a square that was too similar to another and I kept the stripe. I am a little worried but if I don't like it--well, that is what the seam ripper is for...

As I have not done this pattern before, I was a little nervous about slicing that block I just made into four pieces. I got over that quickly when I saw the interesting pattern it made.

I have seen several ways other quilters arrange these blocks. I did not want to do anything too random. It already kinda looks that way. I like the stripes all going the same direction and I like how it gives the small solid blocks a more noticeable pattern. However, if I ever do this pattern again, I will think ahead about which squares will be the larger ones. The dark mottled one is too dark to be one of the large squares. However, it is not bad enough to get out the seam ripper...

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